Revamping my Dress Form

As you may have noticed, I have an adjustable dress form. The plastic kind, covered with red velvety fabric. Not very fancy I know. And I do know that it does not have a great rep amongst the sewists and seamstresses. And I truly understand why it may be so. 
One can not really use it for draping, since it's really hard to pin stuff on the damn form and when you adjust the size it has these huge fugly gaps.

In ideal world I would love love to have a Wolf form in my size, that has legs and all! But it is not an ideal world LOL.
I do quit a bit sewing for others and have room limitations even in our very own apartment (my sewing room is somewhere around 10 square meters not to mention, before that, all the magic happened in the living room where I had to pack everything up at night when I was finished) I've decided to stick to my old, slightly leaning to the left, adjustable dress form. 
Where I am going with all this? The adjustable dress form can be actually made better! 
Ladies and gents, I present - my pimped out dress form!
I made a fitted cover out of a double layer poly stretch knit, and padded the breasts with raglan shoulder pads and some cotton wadding. Sadly the fabric store did not have any large shoulder pads that I would have loved to use for buttocks. Believe it or not, the adjustable dress form has more hip than I do when it's set on my hip measurment.

Why was I so stupid and used flash?!
I've tested it out and the cover stretches almost two dress-sizes up from my size, which is not bad at all! And half of the people I sew for, fit in that range. Plus  the creamy beige is more pleasing on the pictures than the red velvet in my opinion. AND as a bonus, I can wash that cover IF it should get dirty.

The re sizable dress forms aint that bad ;)

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