Laminated wool parka

Another load of craptastic photos, enjoy!

What: parka
Pattern: self drafted, plus Burda cape hood
Materials: laminated wool flannel, wool batting for warm interlining, poly atlas for lining, metal zipper and snaps.

Well this was an unplanned sewing project right at the end of 2015 before we had any proper winter. It came to be thanks to some internet shopping failure as I mentioned before

The pattern for body and sleeves was self drafted. For the hood I used pattern pieces from my Burda cape. I didn't sew up a muslin for any of it, I just held my breath and hoped that my gut instinct was right.


As you know I drew inspiration from J'Crews parka. I really liked the A-line looser fit and the pockets. I added few elements of my own - wind blocking cuffs, drawstring at the waist on lining to keep the cold out. 

The poly silk lining might have not been the greatest idea, since it tends to feel cold, but I've had that scull print for about 7 years and it does feel great that it is finally sewed into something.

Almost all the seams are taped with seam sealing tape to make it rain proof. Which was a bitch task to do since the backing of the tape was too damn stiff. I ended up melting both ends of a strip in place where needed and then peeled the backing away, continuing with backing paper. Worked as a charm!

Short fly shield to keep the metal zipper from touching to my skin.
The pockets are lined with fleece to make them warm


  1. Gorgeous parka!
    I am beyond amazed that you have the ability to self-draft this.
    Good job!

    1. Thank you!
      It really wasn't that hard. It's basically a bunch of rectangles with some curves:D

  2. It's lovely! The details you've added are cool, congratulations for self-drafting and sewing such a nice garment...