What: Gemma Sweater by Named
Size made: 36
Pattern adjustments: none
Materials used: ponte knit in three colours; eyelets and cord; 2cm wide elastic for sleeve openings.

Today, on February 24th 2018 - my country - Estonia turned 100 years old. And I really wanted to somehow mark that moment in time to celebrate my homeland and it's people. 

I knew I wanted to use the colours of our flag after some pondering, and  selecting a pattern wasn't hard at all. Plus, using Nameds Gemma pattern ads a double meaning to my project. 
You see, Finns are our bretheren nation; they celebrated their 100 year anniversary on December 6 2017; they've always been there for us and we kinda have the same national anthem. Feel free to google it.

This project also marks first time in years that I followed sewing instructions. Seriously. One really should follow them with this pattern.

On September 29 in 1881, student corporation Vironia decided on their first meeting that blue, black and white will be their colours.
Blue symbolizes the sky above us, verity and staying faithful to your national ideals.
Black is for the sacred ground or soil beneath our feet. It also is the colour of coats that are apart of our traditional folk wear.
White symbolizes our endeavours towards happiness and light.
Senior students went to the war for a country that was only an idea freely and willingly. They were the heroes of our War of Independence.
On November 21, 1918 Estonia's temporary government decided that blue-black-white shall be the colours of our flag.

It's kind of hard to put in words what it is exactly what I feel today. I am proud and joyful, also sad and thoughtful. 
I was born in Soviet Union. Whispers and hopes of regaining the freedom were getting louder and louder. People hid their dislike towards foreign power less and less. Then the Singing Revolution happened and I started school in a free independent republic. I was only a child, I had no idea of importance of all that was happening around me. 
I know now. 

Sing to the sky from the ashes: Estonia live long!*

My country isn't big. There's 1.3 million people living here. Out of that 1,3 million, roughly 900 000 are Estonians. So to all of us I say:

Minu inimesed, minu rahvas, mu seltskond - head vabariigi sajandat aastapäeva!

* my English interpretation of last lyrics from "Eesti Lipp"  by  Martin Lipp/Enn Võrk

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