slow fashion October - who am I?

That's a really good question! I think, I myself am still trying to figure that out - a pre middle age crisis of sorts.


I am Maimu from the land called secret Estonianobody knows where it's at. I was born in Soviet Union actually. 

And it is obvious that I sew. I think my sewing really kicked of in high school thanks to my best friend Kadri. She made herself mad mad clothes! I just got really jealous and decided - hey, sewing can't be that hard! I also really wanted to be like her. She was and still is one awesome person.

Thats me on the right and Kadri on the left. I am wearing 100% handmade outfit. We were at a rave! The year was 2002

I've studied fashion design, tailoring and technical design and technology of clothing. By the papers I am a menswear tailor. But I've also worked as a women's wear tailor. I've worked in RTW industry and I've had a chance to sew custom made high-tech sportswear.
My favourite things to sew are heavy woolen winter coats. Fully lined and with wool batting added for warmth. So good! Dresses are my kryptonite.

My everyday wardrobe is a mix of RTW and second hand buys, and handmade items. I doubt that I'll ever own a 100% me made wardrobe. 
I usually tend to sew items that I usually can't find in a store, like pants, because most of them are too short on me. Or you know, winter coats :) 
Or things that I simply can't find anywhere, or that cost way too much. 
Money is a big factor in my sewing. For example, a good fabric for a Tshirt may cost up to 20€ per meter, but I can buy a simple basic Tshirt for 5€... I know, I hate it too! 

Fabric prices have escalated in the past few years here. It used to much cheaper to sew. Also, maybe it's just me, but it feels as thou the fabric quality they sell in stores here has greatly suffered.

What I said about my education wasn't just flaunting, I have skills!

I will try and finish a pair of pants and a waistcoat for myself this month. Also, a skirt in Estonian ethnical print for my dance-buddy Kerda is in the works. Ouh yeah, I am a hobby-belly dancer!

Just an heads up, this post was to cover first week of #slowfashionoctober. There will be another one coming up soon based on week two prompts. 

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