Sunday Flash Project - Boyfriend jeans

Sundays are meant for resting and sleeping in apparently not for me! I woke up a little bit after 5, did all my household stuff by 11. The weather was especially bad today, so no taking a long power walk also.

So, bored, I decided to try and sew some jeans.
And get this - I swore that I will never ever try to sew jeans again back in 2008 when I tried and failed at making jeans that fit okay. But lately I've had this...sewing power surge! I feel as thou I can make everything happen!

I pulled out my old worn boyfriend jeans, traced it's pattern and made a pair of jeans.
I made some changes to the pattern I copied from my old jeans - I made the seat a bit shorter and added few centimeters to the bottom hem. 
I am pretty happy with the fit on the legs, thou it could use another centimeter or so extra room around my thighs. And I should shave off a centimeter on the pattern around the hip...
Now you cant tell from the above picture BUT there is some strange pouchiness on the left side, probably from my fabric, but it bothers me LOL! 
Also the back joke needs to curved a bit more to fit better from the waist. I think that will solve all the problems I have on the back side actually.

All in all - it was a good Sunday, even thou the jeans ain't perfect, I now have a real good starting point for the next pair. Maybe in lighter wash and gets slimmer from the knee to the leg opening?


  1. Awesome then when you have it all fixed you can start making me jeans!

    1. Why does blogger not have Like button?! :)