Old School BackPack vol2

What: old school backpack
Pattern: self drafted following instructions by Dean Morin
Materials used: cotton canvas for the shell, cotton satin for lining, recycled leather, cotton webbing, fusible interfacing

Oops, I did it again!

I actually started this bag last year, in the spring. Sadly my vacation plans fell trough and I lost all the interest in finishing the bag. I was smart enough to store all the unsewn pieces and bits in one place, so picking up where I left of wasn't hard.

I used the same pattern I drafted for Linneas bag, adding a bit to the bags height. I did draft a new flap and front pockets. 
Adding leather binding to flaps was a lot easier the second time around, sadly I cant say it for sewing the rest of the bag. I should have taken notes when I made the first one! 

I think Linneas bag came out better. Which makes me happy and sad. Happy that hers is better looking, sad that it seems I did not learn much from making the first one.

I choose a heavier fusible for some reason and it ended up making the bag a bit rigid. I hope it will get softer as I actually start using it. 

One thing that I am extra proud of is my grab handle. I covered one side of the cotton webbing I used for straps with leather and sewed it in half. An improvement from the first bag. 

The lining only has one slip pocket with three sections. And a hole, since it seems I somehow managed to sew past of one pocket side. Need to fix it.

My hardware doesn't match, it varies from rosy bronze to gunmetal black. Booo Estonian stores, boo on you! 

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