Press thy sleeve!

Since it's autumn for most parts of the world and winter isn't that far away, it's also a coat sewing season. I my self am working vigorously on a pea coat at the moment. But that's really not what I want to blog about, since I still have a lot of sewing to be done.

What I really wanted to blog about is sleeves.

On the left non pressed sleeve. On the right pressed sleeve

Sleeves should always, always be pressed and shaped properly. And I am not talking about pressing the ease in at the sleeve cap. 

Sleeves should fallow your arms natural state and curve slightly forward. And that does not go only for the classical two-part sleeve but applies to all sleeves.
I know that my pressed sleeve looks rather flat at the moment, but that's because there is no hand in it!
Here's a great post by Jeffery D which everyone should read, where he explains why the shaping is done. 

So, please, press thy sleeve! 


  1. Good information -thanks. Summer here tho so long sleeves will have to wait for 5 more months :) From Australia Sam X

    1. Ah yes, peeps from down under... I have to wait to wear short sleeves outside for about the same time.