A year ago today, I lost my grandmother Ella. She died in a hospital bed never regaining conscious after suffering a brain bleed 2 months before.
We knew, it was coming. Doctors never really gave us any hope.

I remember the exact moment I got the call. I was in a fabric store, trying to decide if I needed that olive green stretch cotton or not.

I never bought the fabric.

My grandmother Ella was a teacher. She taught History and Social Studies in high school. She was a great teacher; I know because thanks to her I got As in History.
She was an avid dressmaker. When younger, she made her and her children's clothes. 
She also was a great planner. There was no weekend trip that didn't have a "to buy", "to pack" and "to do" list. It may have been a bit anal, but those weekends were well spent and never boring. 
She loved music and singing. There's this Russian soldiers song from WW II era that I loved to hear her singing - "Katyucha"
She was a great cook. No, seriously, she was. The last time I visited her, she had made strawberry jello for dessert. I didn't think she would cook because her health was already so bad then. It was the best damn jello I've ever had. 

I miss her. So terribly much

Apologies for being quiet for so long. I've been dealing with my health, both physical and mental. I am getting there. 

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