Sophie-Noelle two piece swimsuit .01

What: Two piece swimsuit 
Pattern: Sophie swimsuit and Noelle Bra
Materials: swimsuit lycra, raw elastic, FOE, random lightweight lycra/poly/nylon mix for lining. Wooly poly threads (bad choice btw. Makes the seams thick.) and regular No120 poly thread.

Sophie Noelle swimsuit back

Sophie Noelle swimsuit front

Noelle bra swim top

Sophie swimsuit bottoms

Sophie Noelle swimsuit closeup

This is the FIRST EVER completed swimsuit that I've made! So, naturally I am so damn proud.
For the top I used the FREE Noelle bra pattern by Madalynne. I had a few sizing issues with it. I mean, by the measurements I should be a size S. Turns out, I needed the size XS. Thankfully It only meant serging few centimeters off of the tops sides. 

Now few words about the Sophie... This pattern is AMAZEBALLS! The only alteration I did is to add a band to the top edge of the swimwear bottoms. The waist was too high for me, so then I cut it shorter. I ended up cutting of too much. So I added it back with a waistband.
The waistband, as the bottom band of Noelle, is cut on fold. I stitched elastic on to the fold line. 

Sure there are many many mistakes. DO NOT CARE! We all can see that the waistband is too tight. Well, at least I can be 100% sure they stay on when I dive in to the water. (This swimsuit has been pool tested - everything stays on)
Then there's this odd fabric pooling on the right side of... my bottom. I think I didn't stretch the elastic enough there... honest mistake from which I didn't learn...

Anyways, I am SUPER PROUD of myself. 

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