Urbancows safari in Kelly Anorak

Disclaimer: Iwas given this pattern for free as a 'thank you' for testing

The coastal nature reserve of Pärnu covers 341 hectares of woods, lagoons and coastal meadows. This is also a pasture for cattle or city cows, as well as a favourite nesting place for birds and amphibians.
In May, cows are brought here to maintain the meadows as they eat the reed and look adorable doing so. They are kept here until October.
- www.visitestonia.com 

What: Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Patterns
Size cut: 8
Materials used: polyester in camouflage print, cotton flannel for lining, spiral zipper, a handful of snaps
Alterations/changes: cut a wider sleeve; changed the pocket design; sewed the cord channeling onto the right side

This wasn't planned.  Yeah, I've been planning my makes this past year, just so I could avoid sewing clothes that I don't really need. I wasn't planning sewing a Kelly for this spring/summer.
But then this fabric happened. I mean, just look at it! It made me smile hard at the store. A camouflage print that has bunny-rabbits and hearts in it?! HELL YEAH!
This is also the most colourful item in my wardrobe at the moment.

It turns out, I actually would have needed the Kelly anyways; because it seems that the season called Summer has forgotten the geographical location of Estonia for good. 
It's cold. There have been maybe 3 days where the temperature has gone above 23 degrees Celsius.

I lined/underlined the anorak with flannel for an extra layer of warmth. The sleeves have an extra layer of slippery poly lining for the ease of wear. Trust me, you will need it. Otherwise getting into the coat is very hard.
I also sewed my drawstring channel on to the outside of the jacket and the drawstring ends tangle on the inside. That was done for the safety reasons, so I wouldn't get caught on things... like door handles and such.
I opted for more roomier pockets that are fully closable with military style flaps. These pockets can easily fit a water bottle, few muesli bars, and other essential. I tested the capacity of the pockets at the Rammstein concert in June.

No cows were hurt during the expedition.

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